Wellness Education Coordinator

Setting up speakers to deliver quality wellness education topics is time consuming for your staff!
Locating speakers,
Setting up interviews,

Making arrangements.

Time that could otherwise be spent on your business!


What is that time worth?

We believe your time is valuable and worth more than $250*.  Adding a Wellness Education Coordinator from You Define Wellness to your ‘staff’ to help manifest your corporate wellness initiatives just makes sense!

At You Define Wellness, we do the work!  Using our comprehensive network of qualified wellness professionals, we’ll handle all of the details of one wellness education class per month freeing up valuable staff time.

Contact us… we’re ready to start working for you!


* The fine print:
  • The Wellness Education Coordinator is an independent contractor of You Define Wellness and not an employee of your company.
  • Rate valid for businesses with up to 40 participating employees and one location.  Additional fees apply for 40+ size groups and multiple locations.
  • Includes creating a 12-month education topic schedule, one monthly onsite wellness education class per location, arranging for speaker from our wellness education catalog base list (some programs may have an additional fee), communications with employees, arranging for food/beverages upon request (cost of food/beverages not included), employee class evaluations, and event analysis report.
  • Employer may cancel at any time.