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  • We attract what we put out there in the world. You may be able to help someone with a specific condition but not like working with that condition. Therefore, you may not want to check the box.
  • You can list up to 5 services plus an initial consultation offer. Please provide your RETAIL PRICE or the total compensation for the service listed if you choose to discount. If your normal price is greater than $60, we will calculate how it will read in our directory (amount client pays at time of service plus our $60 payment per authorization code given to you by client). Remember, if your retail price is less than $60, we pay the lesser amount.
  • Do you offer a free initial consultation or any other special discounts or services to get clients in the door? Note: we reserve to omit items that do not fit into our model.
  • Besides English, what languages are you able to communicate in with clients/patients?