The Health Care Triangle

There are three parts to any health care transaction:

    • The person who receives the care.
    • The person who provides the care (you).
    • The funding mechanism (us).

Medical insurance is simply a funding mechanism, as is You Define Wellness!

Medical insurance is specifically designed to help the individual in time of accident, illness, trauma and crisis, not self-care or maintaining good health. Our program was crafted to honor the self-care decisions of the individual while at the same time protecting the care provider (you) by ensuring you are compensated at fair and reasonable rates that you establish.

From your perspective, You Define Wellness! is nothing but the funding mechanism and a way to get new clients in the door. It is your job, once in the door and if appropriate, to convert them to regular clients.


Just as medical insurance plans need doctors in order to have a product to sell, we cannot help employees in businesses without YOU. To this end we make three promises to our network providers:

1. You will make your normal retail rates, unless you choose to discount… and that is entirely your choice.

2. We will give your business exposure through our website provider listings and social media. We will also give you opportunities for additional business exposure from time to time; it is your responsibility to take advantage of those opportunities.

3. We will NEVER charge you a monthly or annual fee to remain a network provider. After the one-time joining fee, there is no additional financial obligation.

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