SAVINGS Provider

When opportunities present themselves, you can either let them pass by or you can MAXIMIZE the shot you’ve been given at greater success!

Guess which way we’re going.

We were invited to speak at the Global Workplace Wellness Summit on February 21, 2019 about You Define Wellness.  Why?  Because we are the only ones doing the work to promote alternative, complementary & holistic wellness services as options that should sit side-by-side with medical insurance.

In the world.

And the world noticed.

We wanted a way to allow wellness professionals from across the country to participate in what we’re building, bring in healthy living products, and simultaneously provide a new joining option for those in Colorado who are not ready to be FULL or PARTIAL providers in our network.

All of this combined into a new vision… one that would allow individuals, retirees, and the self-employed to participate in what we’re building as well!


As a SAVINGS provider, you may not be able to participate in the EMPLOYEE WELLNESS BENEFIT PLAN, but you still receive incredible business exposure!

  • You will have a listing in our online provider directory.
  • You set the discount amount you wish to offer.
  • You can participate in our other activities albeit a fee applies to our most popular events.
  • You will have an annual renewable fee of only $125… compare this to other online wellness provider directories that charge $15 to $59 per MONTH (and they do not offer the bells and whistles we have!)


Application and Pricing

Qualifications to Join

  • All services and products must be legal under federal law; 
  • Licensed and in good standing according to applicable and relevant state regulations and licensure requirements;
  • For services: Office or public meeting place outside of your home or client’s home (not applicable to telephone or internet sessions) – Note: this is out of concern for your safety and is open to discussion;
  • Acceptance of the plan reimbursement as outlined in Provider Participation Agreement for specified services rendered.

A WORD ABOUT PRODUCTS:  We have a very wide concept of what constitutes healthy living products.  This category includes retail stores, restaurants, athletic equipment, retreats, excursions, etc.  Any business where a discount can be extended to someone presenting our Healthy Living Savings Card.  Multi-Level Marketing companies are typically unable to offer discounts and therefore do not qualify.  Due to commitments we made early in our corporate development, we are unable to add private businesses whose focus is exclusively on essential oils or certain health supplements.

Questions?  Check out our FAQ page!
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