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Peace Bridge Reiki LLC

Peace Bridge Reiki LLC
Michel Barta, RMT, M.Ed.
Two locations: Denver, CO 80206 on weekdays and by appointment only AND Boulder, CO 80303 on Saturdays.
Where I work with clients: At my office, Location will be discussed, Via phone/Internet
THIS PROVIDER ACCEPTS: Employee Wellness Benefit Plan, Healthy Living Savings Card (discount card)
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Michel Barta is the owner of Peace Bridge Reiki. Her introduction to Reiki began over twenty years ago when a traditional, licensed therapist recommend she try Reiki in complement to their work together. This was the first time she experienced holistic healing in combination with mainstream healing. She loved it and continued to receive Reiki as she felt she needed it over the years to cope with stress associated with work, relationships or health issues.

With Reiki, clients experience deep relaxation and inner peace mentally, emotionally and physically. Michel's training is ongoing as she deepens her practice solely focused with Reiki as her specialty. She likes to incorporate sound therapy with the use of Tibetan bowls and may utilize crystal healing in conjunction with the Reiki session.

Michel is well-regarded for creating a safe gentle space of non-judgment and easeful connection. She companions with clients as they recognize shift occurring and their brilliant wisdom within. With Reiki, Michel has helped people navigate the stress that can accompany work and life changes. She has worked with corporate and business professionals, educators, medical professionals, hospice patients and their families, people living with cancer and other disease, people coping with transitions such as divorce, empty nest, career transition, retirement and death of a loved one.

Please contact Michel as she'd love to connect with you to answer any questions you may have and to schedule your complementary consultation which includes a 10 minute Reiki sampler session.

WHAT GIVES US JOY ABOUT THE WORK WE DO: Clients' faces after a session! Even after a sampler session, the relaxation experienced is evident in their facial muscles, their eyes rest easy, how they hold themselves in their body and their smiles! I liken it to the feeling of coming back from a relaxing vacation.

I love sharing Reiki with everyone and sharing information about Reiki for more people to understand it. All of us are capable of receiving healing from Reiki and learning Reiki themselves. The only requirement is to be open, allowing Reiki to do the work, and to breathe!

Everyone deserves to feel freedom from and empowered to navigate life's stressors. Reiki is a practical healing modality which is extremely complimentary to conventional and holistic healing you may be receiving.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
NO CODE REQUIRED: Free initial consultation which includes a 10 minute Reiki session sampler. In-person sessions are offered from two locations serving the Greater Denver and Boulder, Colorado areas. Remote Reiki is available nationwide. Sampler sessions are conducted over Zoom web conferencing ideally, or by phone.
FREE PLUS REDEEM 1 YDW CODE: Remote Reiki - 60 min. (nationwide via phone or web conferencing)
$20 or less with 1 YDW code: In person Reiki (60 min) - $10 + 1 YDW code
Remote Reiki - 75 min. (nationwide via phone or web conferencing) - $10 + 1 YDW Code
In-person Reiki (75 min) - $25 + 1 YDW Code
In-person Reiki (90 min) - $40 + 1 YDW Code
Remote Reiki - 90 min. (nationwide via phone or web conferencing) - $25 + 1 YDW Code
Services Comments: Boulder location (Saturdays only): Strength in Motion, 5277 Manhattan Circle #250 Boulder, CO 80303
HEALTHY LIVING SAVINGS CARD: 25% discount on your first In-person or Remote 60, 75 or 90 minute Reiki session with Peace Bridge Reiki; not valid with any other discounts or special offers
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Education: Masters in Education Administration & Supervision, Arizona State University West
Professional Certifications: Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher (2018), Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2 certification for training obtained in 2018 from Green Light Reiki in Denver, Colorado.

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Listing Title: Peace Bridge Reiki LLC

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