Pricing and FAQs

We are frequently asked if You Define Wellness is a replacement for medical insurance, and the short answer is “No”.  There is a need for both!  The chart below describes two of the primary differences between our wellness product and medical insurance.


Services Frequency

No limit.  You can go every day if you want.

Insurance is defined as a transfer of a perceived and great financial risk.  You Define Wellness does not meet this definition and therefore is not an insurance company.

One visit per chosen frequency.

(Monthly or every-other-month)

You Define Wellness is a plan to encourage those on it to at least one wellness and self-care activity on a regular basis.  If services were unlimited on our plan, our pricing would be substantially higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other options besides monthly on the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan?

You can opt for every-other-month or quarterly benefits.  Contact us for details.

Do I have to pay for the plan, or can it be 100% voluntary?

We require employers pay at least 50% of the cost of the plan for interested employees.  This protects you paying for benefits that an employee may not want, and shows your commitment to those employees who do want the plan.

How many of my employees will have to sign up?

We require at least 2 employees on the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan; we do not require a certain percentage of your employees sign up.

Can my employees who choose to NOT sign up for the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan still attend the monthly wellness education classes?

Of course!  We won’t be standing at the door saying “You’re on the plan, come in; you’re not on the plan, sorry.”

If my employees contribute to the cost of the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan, can I deduct their portion pre-tax?

We suggest you consult with your legal or tax advisor although we do not recommend pre-taxing employee contributions as many of the services offered in our plan are not eligible medical expenses as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.

Since it’s an after-tax contribution by the employee, can they join or drop whenever they want?

Do you really want that headache? We don’t.  Although technically they could add or drop, it is our policy to allow employees to drop the plan whenever they want, but they have to wait until your next designated open enrollment window to re-enroll.

Am I committed to being on the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan for one year?

No, although we recommend it as long-term commitment will give you a greater return on your investment.  Cancelling your plan is as easy as not paying the invoice we send to you each month.

Pricing and FAQs August 4, 2018