FULL Provider: Our Three Promises

You are the foundation of our company!

When you become a FULL provider in our network, the name says it all… you are entitled to fully participate at the highest level!

Three Reasons to Join our Provider Network

YOU WILL MAKE YOUR NORMAL RETAIL RATES (unless YOU choose to discount).

Yes, seriously. Insurance companies tell you how much you’re worth by setting your compensation. We believe that you are the only one qualified to set your fees and we honor them!

  • We pay you up to $60 when a You Define Wellness client on our Employee Wellness Benefit Plan presents to you an authorization code for services.  We cannot compensate you more than your normal retail rates; if your rate is less than the reimbursement amount, we will pay the lower rate.
    • The client will pay the difference to you at time of service.  In the world of insurance, this is called a ‘co-payment’; we are not an insurance product and therefore do not use that term.
    • If your normal retail rate is higher than $120, the client may present more than one authorization code to reduce their out-of-pocket cost.  Each authorization code has a value of $60.
    • Payment is made to you electronically within 1-2 business days of filing for reimbursement… which is a simple process with us!
  • If you elect to also accept our Healthy Living Savings Card for individuals, retirees, and the self-employed, YOU set the discount amount you are willing to offer.  We suggest it be at least a 15-25% discount, but it is your choice.

Our website gets over 2,000 hits a month and we’ll never charge you a monthly or annual fee to be listed (see Promise #3 below) in our network directory. PLUS, we ALWAYS want you to receive more value than you paid to join, so we give you additional opportunities to help your business and get exposure. Things like…

Wellness education speaking opportunities – we have built an extensive library of wellness education classes created and conducted by our network providers, and we offer these classes to employers in your area!

– Your compensation for conducting wellness education classes at the workplace will vary.

– When an employer purchases a class a la carte, we pay you 65% of the amount we collect.

– When an employer offers our Employee Wellness Benefit Plan that includes monthly education classes, we may or may not have compensation available depending on the circumstances.  We will advise you when your class is selected of the compensation amount, if any, and you always have the right to decline a class request.  However, when the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan is in place, attendees to your class are likely to have wellness sessions they want to spend with someone… and don’t you want it to be you?  This is a great opportunity for you to receive business exposure and the chances are likely you would have conducted the class for free anyway.

Experiential Health & Wellness Happy Hour – We are putting on events for corporate health/wellness decision makers by inviting them to a mini-wellness expo!  Providers on our FULL option can have a table at any of the events (based on space availability) for FREE!

The TOTAL VALUE – if you take advantage of the opportunities – is over $3,500!

Check out the list of benefits!


Ever. Got it?

We have a one time joining fee to be part of our network… only one time!  Compare this to many other wellness directories – and ONLY offering a directory – that you can join on the internet that charges you each and every year!

Would a program that delivers clients at full retail rates
Gives you business exposure be worth joining us in creating change? 

Application and Pricing

Qualifications to Join

  • All services must be legal under federal law; 
  • Licensed and in good standing according to applicable and relevant state regulations and licensure requirements to perform your services;
  • If a franchise, owner must be a wellness practitioner;
  • Office or public meeting place outside of your home or client’s home (not applicable to telephone or internet sessions) – Note: this is out of concern for your safety and is open to discussion;
  • Acceptance of the plan reimbursement as outlined in Provider Participation Agreement for specified services rendered.
Questions?  Check out our FAQ page!
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