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Exciting things are happening with You Define Wellness!

March 22, 2018 – A message from our Founder, Denise O’Malley:

You Define Wellness! has been – and continues to be – an endeavor of passion.  Not just mine, but with the many who have joined our provider network or supported our growth.  We are creating change, and that is exhilerating!

  • OUR TEAM: We have three sales teams in place who are developing relationships with independent wellness professionals to add to our robust provider network, and employers for our employee benefit program.  Our Team Leaders are Jennilynne Coley (metro-Denver), Tenna Lewis-Torraca (Colorado Springs) and Erich Shanholtzer (metro-Denver).  We are looking to add more Team Leaders for Summit County and northern Colorado; if you are interested in joining our team, contact any of the above or click here.
  • OUTSIDE OF COLORADO:  We are already starting to talk about building provider networks in parts of Iowa, Kansas, Texas, and other states to meet the future needs of employers who want to integrate You Define Wellness as part of their employee benefits package!  This means we will be adding more teams soon!
  • HELPING INDEPENDENT WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS THRIVE:  On April 28th, a new tool will be available to independent wellness professionals to attract the clients they want!  “Hey Clients, Where are You???” is a 60+ page, full color workbook to explore your heart-centered goals, identify ideal clients, how to build power partnerships that work, and more!  Click here to check out the workshops and webinars we have scheduled!
  • FREE OFFERS!  We write articles for LinkedIn and other social media platforms, and they are getting attention in the wellness community.  We shared our new approach to corporate wellness initiatives in a paper titled, “Workplace Wellness: Three Simple Strategies to Re-focus Wellness Initiatives” and it has been circulating world wide!!  We now have friends in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Australia and many other places who are supporting and watching us!  You can download this article by clicking here.
  • WELLNESS EDUCATION EVENTS! Each month we host multiple educational events that are free to the community. Check them out below.


A monthly event for business decision makers and influencers to experience 2 mini-versions of popular topics from our online library of workplace wellness classes.

This event is designed for corporate wellness decision makers and is held on the first Thursday of each month from 10am-11:30am.  Contact us for an event in your area.


On the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month, we host an online webinar with an industry expert bringing you tips to help attain and maintain optimum wellness in your business, your body, and your life.

To discover upcoming events and topics, click here.



We host, sponsor, or support many wellness events in the community. Join our MeetUp group to receive updates and find activities in your area!



Many of you have said you want to connect with other wellness practitioners, and we’ve made it happen! Join our MeetUp and meet other like-minded people. Pssttt… this open to anyone who is a wellness / health care provider whether you are in our network or not.



One of the eight dimensions of wellness is ‘social’ and what better way to fill our needs than getting to know someone over a cup of coffee and chatting?

Let us know you’re coming by RSVPing through one of our social media platforms, although drop-ins ARE welcome!