Employee Complete Wellness Plan

A creative approach to traditional problems

We are a unique program; there’s nothing else quite like You Define Wellness!

  • We are not medical insurance, and we are not a replacement for medical insurance.
  • We are not a corporate wellness plan.
  • We are not a wellness discount plan.
We’re something different.

You Define Wellness! was created by employee benefit professionals who understand that medical insurance is for accident and illness; that corporate wellness programs fail in being all things to all employees; and that discount programs are nice (and cheap) to add, but they really don’t deliver value.

We take a different approach… enroll your employees in You Define Wellness! and they will receive a monthly (12 per year) or bi-monthly (6 per year) wellness session ‘credit’ to use at the provider of their choice..

Learn about our monthly / bi-monthly wellness plans.

We help guide your employees to their wellness path

We understand that some employees may be dealing with serious medical issues, believe they do not have time to take care of themselves, and some who have no idea where to get started on a wellness path.  For these employees, our provider directory is overwhelming.

That’s why we have a unique position on our team: Wellness PathFinder.

Our Wellness PathFinders possess wellness experience – many are alternative and holistic wellness practitioners – and must complete our extensive training and credentialing program. An appropriate number of Wellness PathFinders will be present at your employee enrollment meeting – at no additional cost – to meet with each staff member for 10-20 minutes about their personal wants and needs… and even help them schedule their first wellness session if needed!

If additional time is needed, your employee can schedule a one-on-one consultation on their time with a Wellness PathFinder by using one of their monthly wellness session credits.

Wellness is reinforced with monthly wellness education

Finding qualified speakers on wellness education takes up valuable staff time.

We make it easy!

When you offer our Employee Complete Wellness Plan, you automatically receive the monthly wellness education program of your choice from our library of topics and qualified speakers!  You can schedule it as a lunch & learn (cost of the meal is not included) or as a staff meeting.

Check out our library of included (free) classes.

Included Education Classes

Additional classes are available on a fee basis.

We minimize your financial risk

We do something that virtually no other employee benefit plan does: we give you a credit back for unused and expired wellness sessions!

Benefit plans normally factor in ‘utilization’ in their rates… this is a calculated estimate as to how many people will use their benefits in a plan year. If more people use the plan than expected, the company loses money; if fewer use it than expected, the company makes a profit.

We take a different approach by crediting employers with one-half the value of the unused and expired sessions, and the remainder helps support a non-profit healing partner in the community.  Bottom line… our financial success is not based on selling you a product and hoping it does not get utilized. We want all employees to use their Employee Complete Wellness Plan but, if they don’t, we are not going to profit from it.

Ready to get started?

We make it easy to launch You Define Wellness! as a new employee benefit plan!
Step 1: Complete the employer application online. It is helpful to upload a census of employees to include First Name, Last Name and Email Address. If you do not have company email addresses, please contact us. We promise never to spam your employees, the addresses are for our system and to send them the link for Step 2.
Step 2: Contact us to Schedule a date/time for your employee orientation meeting. We will send employees an announcement using the email addresses you supplied in Step One. The announcement will advise your staff of their new benefit option and ask them to complete a short on-line survey prior to the meeting. Please allow at least 20 minutes for a group overview; following which an opportunity for staff to meet with us one-on-one if they wish for about 10-15 minutes each.
Step 3: The meeting… don’t worry, the work is on our shoulders. You simply need to encourage employees to attend.

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Wellness Education

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