Defining Wellness Confab 2019

How you define wellness is a personal decision… and we’re here to help you find your way with education from the experts!

We have three formats that we’re calling T.I.P.s…

  • T: Talks.  Some of our speakers will be giving a 20-minute-ish presentation on a specific topic of health and wellness.
  • I: Interviews.  We LOVE getting to know our network providers and you will too!  Denise O’Malley, the founder of You Define Wellness, will conduct interviews with select providers throughout the eight days of the Confab learning more about modalities and their passion for healthy living.
  • P: Panel Discussions.  Imagine having a variety of healing specialists coming together to talk about a specific subject of health & wellness.  We have some great topic ideas coming together to share with you!

8 Days of LIVE wellness talks for individuals and the workplace!

Health & wellness topics in 7 categories:


Dena Adams

Seek Defeat Design, LLC

7/20: 9am MDT

Sharon Alexander

Mountain Wisdom Wholistic Health, LLC

7/27: 10am MDT

Michel Barta, RMT, M.Ed.

Peace Bridge Reiki, LLC

7/20: 2pm MDT

Kathy Basel

The Vitality Code, Inc.

7/18: 8am MDT

Meghan Baumann

Transcend Healing

7/18: 5pm MDT

Briana Bragg

Vacation of the Mind

7/24: 2pm MDT

Lisa Brone, MD

Optimal Health & Wellness

7/24: 1pm MDT

7/26: Noon MDT

Diana Calvo

Diana Calvo Coaching, LLC

7/25: 10am MDT

Linda Carney

Your Path Forward, LLC

7/27: Noon MDT

Kevin Carton

KC Coaching, Inc.

7/24: 4pm MDT

Rachel Cole

Serenity Remedies

7/26: Noon MDT

Jennilynne Coley

Access Your Genius

7/26: 9am MDT

Tiffany DeLuisi

The Diet Break Up Mentor

7/18: 2pm MDT

Mary Dravis-Parrish

Simple Strategies for Family Living

7/25: 7pm MDT

Zita Easton

Grace Filled Nutrition, LLC

7/19: 10am MDT

Kristen Engelke, RScP

Soul-utions Coaching

7/17: 3pm MDT

Sierra Frost

Invitation Wellness

7/18: 7pm MDT

7/24: 10am MDT

Stephen Glitzer

Uninhibited Wellness

7/25: 11am MDT

Susan Golicic, PhD, CPIC

Uninhibited Wellness

7/18: Noon MDT

Andrew Greer

Colorado Colonics & Detox Center

7/20: 11am MDT

Kelly Haugh

Manifest Natural Wellness

7/25: 2pm MDT

Kimberly Hedden-Welch, MA, RMT

Lightbody Holistic Healing

7/24: 10am MDT

Carly Hudson, DC

Healing Ground Chiropractic Care

7/18: 4pm MDT

Neal Huffman

Rocky Mountain Financial Group

7/25: 4pm MDT

Krista Igoe

Karigo Healing Arts, LLC

7/26: 3pm MDT

Michelle Jolly

Healthy Horizons Coaching, LLC

7/19: Noon MDT

Gerri Kier

Complete Nutrition Alliance

7/24: Noon MDT

Julie Korotkin, LCSW, MBA

Evolve Journey

7/24: 10am MDT

7/25: Noon MDT

Cynthia Lackner, MA, CMHIMP

Stress Free Living through Emotional Brain Training

7/17: Noon MDT

Jule Lane

Puzzle Over Me, LLC

7/27: 9am MDT

Tami Miller

Sage Nutrition Coaching

7/17: 4pm MDT

Robin Miner, MACP

Robin Miner, LLC

7/24: 10am MDT

Jentrey Potter

Jentrey Potter Coaching

7/18: 1pm MDT

Marlene Prinzing, MA

The Prinzing Method™

7/17: 7pm MDT

Sue Relihan

Find Serenity & Empowerment

7/17: 2pm MDT

Tracy Revell

Embodied Confidence

7/24: 3pm MDT

Cindy Ridley

Recalibrating Emotions

7/20: 1pm MDT

Jessica Riechert, DC

Dr. Jessica M. Riechert, DC

7/26: Noon MDT

Jim Sharon, Ed.D. and Ruth Sharon, LPC, RYT

Soulful Couples

7/24: 7pm MDT

Lisa Smith

Colorado Colonics & Detox Center

7/20: 10am MDT

Gail Smithson, L.Ac.

Smithson Clinic, Inc.

7/26: Noon MDT

Melanie Smithson, MA, BC-DMT, LPC, Cht

Smithson Clinic, Inc.

7/18: 10am MDT

Karly Stein

The Intimacy Connection, LLC

7/26: 10am MDT

Sharon Thornburg

Sharon Thornburg – Access® Bars

7/26: Noon MDT

7/27: 11am MDT

Melove Tindall, CHT

Inner Soundness

7/19: 2pm MDT

Shari Wagner

Iron Clad Fitness

7/26: 2pm MDT

Leah Weibel

Leah Weibel, Naturopathic Practitioner

7/26: Noon MDT

Confab Moderator:

Denise O'Malley, Founder


Katherine Sellery

International Association for Human Values

7/17: 5pm MDT

Suzanne Hanna & Nick Hemmert

Global Healing Collective

7/19: 11am MDT

Kathi McCarty

Meth Toxins Awareness Alliance

7/25: 3pm MDT

Completely FREE! (Donations will be accepted to fund the formation of our Holistic Healing Workplace Crisis Support Team; a team of healers to assist after crisis or trauma at the workplace).

Suggested donation levels:

          • Well-Wisher: $25
          • Good Samaritan: $50 – includes 1 Healthy Living Savings Card (a $99 value)
          • Fairy Godparent: $100 – includes 2 Healthy Living Savings Cards (a $198 value)
          • Angel: $250 – includes 5 Healthy Living Savings Cards  to share with friends and family (a $495 value)
            • NOTE: Healthy Living Savings cards will be available July, 2019.
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You do not have to participate in all of the live sessions; simply join us when you can. A recording of each session will be available on our website and YouTube in August, 2019.

Defining Wellness Confab 2019 June 17, 2019