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Early in our formation, while we were initially building our network of wellness professionals, we heard time and time again the same question:

“Is there a way to take my expertise into businesses and teach wellness education classes?”

This sounded like a really good idea to us so we added this option for employers!  Our nature is offering choice and our education catalog is no different. 

Employers can select a class three ways:

1. COMPLETELY FREE (you must opt-in).  This option is available because some of our network providers are willing to present their program in exchange for business exposure.  We highlight these classes in green italics in the section Class Topics by Geographic Area.  You Define Wellness offers NO coordination services and employers must contact you direct; your email address or a phone number will be listed on your Class Topic Description.

2. INCLUDED WITH THE EMPLOYEE WELLNESS BENEFIT PLAN (most likely no compensation to you). When an employer offers our employee benefit plan, it includes onsite wellness education and individual access to wellness services provided through our network directory.  Because it is highly likely that employees in the room have sessions to spend with someone, we do not compensate you for your 30-60 min presentation.

The argument is we should simply build in the cost of wellness education to our plan price; this would push our plan price (currently $80 per employee per month) up too high and we would not be able to guarantee full compensation when you see an employee on our plan as a client (we pay you $60 of the $80 collected and you charge the client any remaining balance).

You do have the right to be listed as requiring an ‘additional fee’ – which we negotiate when your class is selected – but the odds of getting a ‘gig’ are dramatically reduced as employers gravitate to ‘free’ classes.  Any additional fee you charge is paid directly to you by the employer; You Define Wellness does not take a cut.

3. WORKSITE WELLNESS COORDINATION SERVICES/YOU RECEIVE A FEE.  For classes not otherwise indicated as completely free, or if an employer wishes to hire You Define Wellness to provide Worksite Coordination Services, we charge $250 per education class for up to 40 employees.  There are times when we will run special incentives to get employers to book a class; no matter how much we collect from the employer, we pay you 65% of what has been paid to us.  The ‘additional fee’ rules above apply.

It is your responsibility to ensure we have the correct information in our catalog as to the types of speaking opportunities you are willing to accept.

OPTION 1:  All three – free, free with employee benefit plan, and paid gigs.

OPTION 2: Free with employee benefit plan and paid gigs.

OPTION 3: Only fee based gigs.

Education Submission: Revised 022219

  • The more intriguing, amazing or humorous your title, the more often it will be selected.
    Please look at all categories before selecting. We reserve the right to change categories.
    There are three ways to list this class in our catalog and we refer you to the choices outlined above for more details.
  • I understand I will be compensated up to $165.75 (65% of what You Define Wellness collects) if an employer has purchased a la carte wellness education, and no compensation if they have the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan as attendees will have sessions they may wish to use with me.