Apply to join our network!

If this page looks different to you, we’ve made some changes!

There are now MULTIPLE ways to join the You Define Wellness network.  For more information, visit our Manifest Change page!

FULL provider status – $500 one-time joining fee:

This status is what you’ve seen before… a one-time fee to join the network and access to the complete package of bells and whistles we offer our network providers!  You can pay the one time fee of $500 in full – and receive a $100 discount at check-out – or opt for the payment plan.

There is a catch to electing a payment plan…

  • You must be making regular payments of any amount to us in order to participate in the Experiential Health & Wellness Happy Hours we host;
  • 50% of your $60 reimbursement for seeing a You Define Wellness client on the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan will be applied to your outstanding balance; and,
  • We will temporarily deactivate your profile if no payment has been made in 31 days.
HYBRID provider status – $250 annual joining fee:

We like to call this the ‘work your way onto our plan’ option.  Perfect for a small wellness practice just getting started, you’ll pay $250 per year for 2 years…. but here’s the icing on the cake: After the 2nd year payment has been made, we’ll upgrade you to FULL status!  As a HYBRID status, you do not get some of the benefits we offer for business exposure for free.

SAVINGS provider status – $125 annual joining fee:

Are you simply looking to have an online Provider Directory listing where consumers know we’ve vetted our providers? Or your business is selling wellness PRODUCTS?  There are many reasons to select this option and it is priced below market! (Compare to other online provider directories at $15-$59 per month and WITHOUT all the bells and whistles we offer!).  The first renewal will be 6/1/2020!

A WORD ABOUT PRODUCTS:  We have a very wide concept of what constitutes healthy living products.  This category includes retail stores, restaurants, athletic equipment, retreats, excursions, etc.  Any business where a discount can be extended to someone presenting our Healthy Living Savings Card.  Multi-Level Marketing companies are typically unable to offer discounts and therefore do not qualify.  Due to commitments we made early in our corporate development, we are unable to add private businesses whose focus is exclusively on essential oils or certain health supplements.

When you factor in the more than $3,500 in added value we’ve created for our network providers, joining our network is the best deal in town!

Click here to download the provider agreement for your records.

Apply to join our network! August 1, 2016