Apply to join our network!

There is a one-time joining fee due at time of application

Our provider agreement (see link below) states a one-time joining fee of $500.

You can pay the full amount and we won’t complain, but why would you want to when we’re willing to give you a discount?

Discount codes are available during our building stage while we know it could take awhile before you start seeing clients.  To get your discount code, contact us or the You Define Wellness representative who introduced you to our program.  We won’t always be offering a discount to join… when we are confidant our network is of a size to handle business in an area, the discounts will go away.

We never want money to stand in the way of you becoming part of our community.  If you need to make payments, we understand.  A payment plan option is available on the application.  There is one catch… payments will be based on the full contract pricing; discounts and promo codes – when available – will not apply.

After completing the application and clicking ‘Submit’ you will be directed to the payment portal.  Your application will be forwarded to us but will not be processed until payment has been received.

Click here to download the provider agreement for your records.

Apply to join our network! August 1, 2016