Our concept…

  • is designed to increase employee engagement;
    • provides you (the employer) with financial protection for unused and expired sessions;
      • enhances the benefits package you currently offer; and,
        • gives you a competitive edge in attracting and retaining staff!  
There is no other employee benefit program that offers what You Define Wellness delivers!

You Define Wellness! is not insurance, and is not a replacement for medical insurance.

Read about our workplace wellness philosophies...

A Letter from our Founder

Comments on our philosophies...

From the Co-Founder & CEO at an international gym: “I think empowering the employees to make their own choices is the key.  The companies have an amazing role to play: providing access and influencing (especially if it comes from the management team).”

From a Group Benefits Advisor: “Empowering employees and providing them access to make choices is the only way to achieve real change.”

From a Health Advocate & Educator: “For workplace wellness to be successful, it needs to be customized to that specific workforce. Employees need to have input and choices.  The ‘cookie cutter’ method that is frequently used does not address the interests and needs of the employee so they simply decide they are not interested.”

From a Stress Management Expert: “I believe that if you assist your employees to feel less stressed, for whatever reason, it increases their capacity to feel better, cope easier, and be more engaged.”

A simple design...

Wellness Education at Work

It takes knowledge to attain and maintain optimum wellness! Select classes created and conducted by the experts… our network providers!

Access to Wellness Services

Wellness isn’t ‘wellness’ if it’s not done on a regular basis. That’s why our plans include individual access to the wellness service of choice.

With depth of services...

Available a la carte or combined as the Employee Wellness Benefit Plan!

Let's get started!

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A la carte options:
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