There is a common reaction when people first hear about You Define Wellness:

There is a reason for that...

We created a new business model in the health & wellness industry!

Living a happy, healthy & thriving life...

Isn't that what we all want?

The challenge is finding the right people who can help,

awareness of options and affordable access...

and You Define Wellness has solutions!

Employee Benefit Plan for the Workplace
Take your employee benefits to a new level!

Employees value choice, and are willing to spend $30.2 BILLION a year out of their pocket on wellness options like the ones in our plan.  Shouldn’t your employee benefit program support their freedom of choice?

A Discount Plan for Individuals

Solutions for Individuals, Retirees & the Self-Employed!

We believe everyone should have access to what we offer, and our Healthy Living Savings Card is for anyone seeking special pricing on health & wellness products and services!  Great for gifts and workplace incentives too!

Onsite Wellness Education & Activities
We are a property managers dream come true!

Whether you’re looking for monthly wellness classes for the office building you manage, or healthy living activities for an apartment complex, You Define Wellness makes it easy!

Wellness Provider Directory
Looking for a wellness professional?  Look here first!

Our network of health & wellness professionals are fully vetted!  We conduct a thorough background investigation giving you comfort in knowing we actually know our providers… and strangers have thanked us for helping them find someone rather than pulling a name from the internet!

Onsite Services after a Crisis

When a crisis hits your world, finding solutions to support your workplace or community can be difficult.  With the power of our expansive network, we can quickly bring together a team literally with one simple email.  We’ve done it… successfully; taking the burden of finding help off your shoulders.

The experts say to bring in the counselors when crisis hits and, while that is very necessary, we know it’s not enough.  We will bring in a team consisting of counselors, massage therapists, energy healers, acupuncturists and more… because trauma (emotional or physical) is stored in the body and true healing begins with meeting both needs.

While our Holistic Healing Crisis Support Team is still in formation, we are available NOW… if you need us.  Contact us for more information.

We are different... and that's a beautiful thing!

You Define Wellness is not insurance, nor is it a replacement for medical insurance.

Our concept for the workplace…

  • is designed to increase employee engagement;
    • provides the employer with financial protection for unused and expired sessions;
      • enhances the benefits package currently offered; and,
        • gives employers a competitive edge in attracting and retaining staff!  
There is no other employee benefit program that offers what You Define Wellness delivers!

You Define Wellness! is not insurance, and is not a replacement for medical insurance.

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